Bill Pay FAQs

1. How do I register for Bill Pay?
If you already had Bill Pay prior to the upgrade, you do not have to do anything after the upgrade.  All your information will automatically be transferred into the new system, which means any payees and scheduled payments that you had setup in your old Online Banking system will be transferred over into the new system.

2. Can I use Bill Pay with all my accounts?
You can only use Bill Pay if you have a Checking account.  If you do not have a Checking account you will not be able to use Bill Pay.

3. How do I register for Bill Pay if I am a new user?
It’s very easy, simply click on the Bill Pay tab, you will be asked to enter your Mother’s Maiden Name for verification and accept the terms and conditions.  You will receive an email confirmation once you register for Bill Pay.

4. How do I add new payee?
You may simply type in the name of the person or business that you want to pay.  To simplify the payee process, you will see common payees on the bottom of the Bill Pay page, you may just click on the name to quickly add the payee.

5. Can I pay any bill through Bill Payment?
YES.  You can pay any credit card, store card or utility bill using Bill Pay.

6. Do I need to re-enter any of my Bill Pay information after the system upgrade?
You will not be required to re-enter any existing Bill Pay information after the system upgrade. The information will be transferred over to the new system on April 3rd, 2017.

7. Will my payments take longer to deliver after the system upgrade?
It won’t take long to deliver your payments.

8. Did the monthly fee for Bill Pay change after the system upgrade?
There is NO FEE to use Bill Pay.  However with our new Bill Pay if you would like to make expedited payments there will be a small fee associated with it. (Please see the  – Fee Schedule)

9. What is the difference between Expedited Payment and Overnight Check Payment?
If a payee can receive payment electronically they you can choose to send the payment electronically overnight, however if the payee doesn’t accept payments electronically then your only option would be to send the payment via an overnight check.  Both of these options have a small fee associated with them.  (Please check our  Fee Schedule )

10. Are expedited payments made electronically or by check?
You can choose if you would like to make an overnight payment electronically or via Overnight Check, however, if the merchant is not setup to receive electronic payments then you can only choose to make an Overnight Check Payment.  If the Payee is setup for both payment option you can choose one of the options.
Note: You cannot cancel or edit payment after you have confirmed the payment for expedited payments.

11. How and when is the money deducted from my checking account?
The funds are deducted on the “Deliver Date.” This will be the date that the payment will need to arrive at the payee.

12. Can I cancel or change a bill payment?
YES.  You can cancel or change bill pay prior to the scheduled date.
13. What happens if there is not enough money in my account to cover my bill
Your payment will be made by the credit union and you will be charged an NSF fee.  The credit union will attempt to collect the funds 2 times and a 3rd attempt will be made at the end of the month.  Each attempt to collect funds will incur a fee to the member.  If the funds are still unavailable at the end of the month, we will put a block on the account which does not prevent the member from accessing Bill Pay but will halt any further payments. (Please check our updated Fee Schedule in April 2017)

14. Can I edit or cancel scheduled payments?
YES.  You can cancel or edit any scheduled payments prior to the scheduled date.  If you need to put a Stop Payment after the scheduled date you will need to call us at 888-554-2328 x280. There is fee associated with that.  (Please see the updated Fee Schedule in April 2017)

15. How much bill pay history is available?
You will have Bill Pay history from January of 2016 to date if you are an existing Bill Pay user.

16. How much does Bill Pay cost?
There is no cost to use our Bill Pay service except when using Expedited Electronic or Overnight Check payment service.

17. After the upgrade can I setup “Bill Pay Payees” through a smartphone?YES.  You can setup Payees from your smartphone or tablet.  This is just one more way we are making things more convenient for you.

18. How Will the bills be Processed?
Tell us the day your payment is due and we will take care of the rest. We require about two (2) days to make your payment if we can make it electronically and about five (5) days if we are making your payment by check.  If merchants are setup to receive payment electronically the payment will be posted electronically if they are NOT setup to receive payments electronically we will mail them a check.

Use our calendar widget when scheduling payments to assist in understanding when a payment can be delivered. Available dates will be displayed in blue. Unavailable dates including weekends, holidays, or a date that would not allow us to deliver the payment in time are grayed out and not selectable.