Mobile Banking FAQs

It’s a change for the GREATER.
Answers to common questions about our Mobile Banking Upgrades.


1. Will I have a new Mobile App? Will I need to re-enroll?
YES. We will have a brand new Mobile APP. After you enroll in Online Banking, you will then be able to download the GAFCU Mobile App 2.0 for Android from Google Play Store or Apple App Store for an iPhone.

Your “Username” and “Password” will be the same as the one that you used for the New Online Banking enrollment.

Click Here for step-by-step guide for Mobile Banking registration.

2. Is Touch ID available for the Mobile App?
A fingerprint can be used to log in securely in lieu of a user ID and password. You will need to have Android 6.0 or iPhone 5S or higher version to have this functionality. You will be prompted to enable Touch ID the next time you login. You can choose to use “Touch ID” option or choose to “Close” that option. You may also go under the settings tab and choose to enable Touch ID at any time.

3. Do members need to enroll in Bill Pay prior to using it on mobile?
If you are an existing user you don’t have to enroll again for Bill Pay. After you finish your initial registration for Online Banking you will be able to login to your Mobile App and be able to see your Bill Pay. Moving forward if you don’t have Bill Pay and would like to enroll in Bill Pay you can choose to do so through your Mobile App. Please note – to enroll in Bill Pay you will need to have a Checking Account.

4. Will existing mobile credentials work?
Your existing mobile credentials will not work. Once you register for our new Mobile App you will have to utilize the New Username and Password that you have selected.

5. Same login for Mobile and Online banking?
YES. It will be the same login credentials for Mobile and Online Banking

6. Can you do person to person transfers on mobile? Bank to bank?
YES. You will be able to do person-to-person payment using Popmoney. At this time we do not have Bank-to-Bank transfers using your Mobile App.

7. Do I have to update my App?
YES. You will have to download the NEW Mobile App – GAFCU 2.0

8. What’s the difference between the Mobile App and the Tablet App?
The phone and tablet app design has a consistent look and feel and has most of the features that are available through Online Banking.

9. What are some of the new features within the new Mobile App?
All the services that you have within Online Banking will also be available within your Mobile App

  • The ability to review your balances, apply for a loan, pay bills, schedule alerts and more – all with a single convenient sign-in
  • Free online money management tools such as Popmoney® personal payments service that lets you send, request and receive money
  • Newly formatted eStatements and eNotices
  • Push Notifications and Quick balance view setup
  • Find the nearest Surcharge-Free ATM or shared branching location
  • Discount links to rental cars
  • Remote Deposit Capture and more…


1. How is this really multifactor authentication if the passcode is sent to the same device?
First, the login has to be verified with the specific phone that is tied to the end user’s account. Second, with the phone in the end user’s hand at time of login.

2. Am I able to change the phone number(s) that I registered to use for authentication?

You are able to change your registered phone number(s) within Online Banking, but there are currently no settings that allow this to be done within Mobile/Tablet Apps. However, during first-time use of multi-factor authentication, you are able to change the phone number(s) you use for authentication. This will allow a Mobile or Tablet Apps-only user to add a new number or change an old number that was set up, so you can log in from the registered phone

3. If I don’t have any registered phone numbers, will I be able to log in?
YES, use the same approach as the authentication setup in Online Banking. On Step 1, you are prompted to enter a phone number if you are a Mobile or Tablet Apps-only user and have not registered a phone number for use with Online Banking. You will use this phone number for future login attempts on other devices.

4. What happens if my mobile device is stolen or lost?
Call the carrier to report it and cancel service to the phone/tablet.
• Do a remote lock or data wipe via another device.
• Use the “Unenroll all” feature in the Support Dashboard in the case devices are lost or stolen, so that the user will be forced to go through Multi-factor Authentication again during their next login.

5. Do you mask the phone numbers in the feature?
YES, phone numbers are masked throughout all points of the authentication process.

6. Will I need to authenticate each device that I am using?
You only have to authenticate a device one time and you can have up to 2 devices authenticated. This is so we can provide additional security to the end user across each access point that they engage with their Financial Institution.

7. Will I have to authenticate every time I log in or only the first time?
You only have to authenticate your devices the first time. Then, we will create a secure cookie that will be used to ensure that each future login attempt is made by the same user on the same device. If you erase the cookie from a device, you will have to authenticate the device again.

8. What if users are located in other countries and have non-U.S. phone numbers?
You can use the voice authentication method for international numbers.