Telephone Banking FAQs

1.Will the menu for Telephone Banking change?
YES.  We have a brand new menu.  Please click here to view the new menu. (PDF still in production)

2. How do I begin using Telephone Banking  for the first time?

Call GAFCU at 888-554-2328

  • Press 1 to access the menu in English.
  • Press 2 to access the menu in Spanish.
    • After you choose Option 1 or 2 – Press 7 to access Telephone Banking

When accessing Telephone Banking for the first time on April 3, 2017 you will be asked to setup your PIN.  Please have the following information handy to setup your PIN.

  • Member number
  • The last  4 digits of your Social Security
  • Date of Birth  – MMDDYYYY
  • Once you have entered the above information – you will be asked to select your 4 digit PIN3. If I am a Joint Owner can I use Telephone Banking?
    YES.  If you are a Joint Owner you can access your accounts.  Setup the account, using your Member Number, use the last 4 digits of your social and include your DOB to set you PIN so you can view the accounts that you are joint on.

4. How can I view my account history that occurred prior to the system upgrade?
All your account history will be automatically transferred with our new system, it will be a seamless process

5. Can I change my access code or pin?
Yes, you can change your access code, to change your access code, Press 1 for Account Info. Press 3 to Change Access Code.

6. How long does it take for a transaction to occur via telephone banking?
All transactions are carried out immediately.

7. How do I have a check sent to me?
Press 1 for Account Info, then Press 1 for Transactions and Press 2 to Withdraw by check.

8. Is there a charge to use Telephone Banking?
There is not charge to use Telephone Banking.

9. What is the phone number for Telephone Banking?
We don’t have a separate number for Telephone Banking.  You will need to call our 888-554-2328 – Press 1 to continue in English and then Press 7 to connect to Telephone Banking.

10. When can I use Telephone Banking?
Telephone Banking is available 24/7

11. Is Telephone Banking secure?
YES.  By requiring all members to enter a personal identification number Telephone Banking provides a safe and secure environment for conducting transactions.

 12. Is there a reference guide I can refer to when using Telephone Banking?YES.  Please click here to access the guide.  Please click here.

13. How many transfers can I make each month through Telephone Banking?You may make as many transactions as you like.

14. Can I make transfer to a Joint account?
YES.  You can make a transfer to a joint account, you will need to know the account ID # that you are making the transfer to. The account ID# is different from the account or member #.  Account ID# is a 4 digit code that is associated with the different accounts associated with the Joint account member.